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We buy TV and Radio airtime for your half-hour of 1 hour program. We buy larger blocks when necessary. If you don’t have a program our turnkey system can get you started from your own office.

Radio Media Buying

Connections to the industry run deep. We make you the expert in your market and provide value due to our volume buying discounts.

TV Media Buying

We own half-hours and larger blocks in 50 states and on 6 continents via Television. Knowing what to buy and at the right price is the only platform for success. 

Program Production

Turnkey, professional production with you never leaving the office. We build out and supply fresh weekly content to make you the local star. 

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Radio Media Buying

Radio remains the #1 outlet to reach the U.S. population. Our clients are financial advisors, churches, realtors, legal, medical, etc. and they become the trusted expert in their market and beyond with a weekly program.

Television Media Buying

We purchase TV Airtime nationwide and globally. Our contract database knows the best stations with decades of rate data.

Program Production

Technology allows us to easily connect with your office to record weekly programs. You work with our co-hosts who make you the celebrity in your market with a custom show. Call to actions and timely content drive high quality leads to seek you.

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